officials & judges

NPC Alabama District Chairman:

Morris Pruett Rainbow City 256-490-1115

NPC Alabama Statistician/Judge:

Kelly Pruett Rainbow City 256-490-5858

NPC Alabama Judges:

Morris Pruett Rainbow City 256-490-1115
Kelly Pruett Rainbow City 256-490-5858
Ron Wedgeworth Tuscaloosa 205-361-7137
Michelle Wedgeworth Tuscaloosa 256-390-1087
Chris Carter Birmingham 205-267-9631
Roland Huff Opelika 706-405-9539
Stephen Henslee Gadsden 256-458-8579
Kym Spiller Winfiled 205-790-7565
Robert McAdory Huntsville 256-468-6166
Justin Sweeney Florence 256-394-3313
Stephen Moat Gadsden 256-458-3179

**Non Qualifier Level**

Stephen Lambert Birmingham 205-643-0095
Cheryl Lambert Birmingham 205-234-5083
Kim Blakenship Double Springs 205-272-0394
Rick Blakenship Double Springs 205-272-2435
LaMardra Juliana Huntsville 256-417-9366
Tonya Boardman Huntsville 256-265-5251
Whitney Sweeney Florence 256-656-1528

Judging is not an easy task and the judging panel is not a randomly selected group. Judges are highly qualified individuals dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding, tested and certified by the National Physique Committee. They give freely of their time for little or no monetary compensation. Their reward is being able to contribute to a sport in which they love and their importance should not be regarded lightly.

Any official or judge may be contacted directly with questions concerning contest preparation or for constructive criticism.